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The rose has teeth

The rose has teeth published on

So here’s the plan. So as not to die immediately upon entering New Orleans to be productive in August, I am going to exercise this summer. SHUT UP. I am going to walk down the hill, all the way through town to the grocery store, and then back, every day. I will do this immediately after work on weekdays, and At Some Point I Haven’t Decided Yet on weekends. I will go up the stairs, and not the vehicular road, because the stairs are more painful and therefore presumably better for me. I will do this crap regardless of the weather.

It was raining today. Yesterday it was really, really hot. I’ve been trial-running this the past three days, and having made it through both the day it rained and the day it was really, really hot, I feel like I can make this an official declaration. I am going to do it.

My bribe will be (I have to have a bribe) that I’m going to let myself buy one food item I normally am too cheap to get at the store each day, to eat when I get back. (This will also keep me from lying down immediately and falling asleep.) Since I always want either vitamin C or raw fish after walking a lot, I’m not really worried I’m going to go after junk food. My purchases so far have been raspberries, blackberries, and a peach.

(Blackberries would be better without seeds, you know. I’m probably not going to buy fish and eat it raw, not without a licensed sushi chef approving it for me first. I just kind of feel like raw fish needs sushi chef validation before it becomes edible food.

I’m kind of tired.)

And because the camera is all sad recently because I never use it, maybe I’ll also do a thing and take one picture down there every day? I don’t know. That might make this too complicated. Today I took like, five. Here’s some roses.



Also, a picture of what I made for dinner, behind a cut so as not to COMPLETELY BLOW YOUR MINDS.



It’s chicken curry with ramen from a packet. It was excellent. You’ll notice I didn’t say anything about changing my eating habits up there. (I usually do use rice, but I’m short on pans and the rice cooker’s broken – I just ordered a new one. (Those were my only two packets of ramen, anyway. (Not that I feel I need to justify my diet to the internet or anything.)))

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