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Zzzt fizzle zot

Zzzt fizzle zot published on

My present class in Kingdom of Loathing is “Reindeer Threatener.” This gives me joy.

I misspelled Kingdom of Loathing in that sentence at first, it was like “loating.” I should write a competing game called “Kingdom of Boating” where everything is bad puns about boats, and have the Mr. Accessories – which will be called Captain Lord Accessories, because it will be about vampires in boats. Pirate vampires! – be $5 rather than $10. And you get 80 adventures a day instead of 40, and they won’t be adventures, they will be lurks. Because of vampires. And the Naughty Sorceress will be the Black Pearl. Everyone is always the Black Pearl.

The power randomly went off last night, unsettling the clock and making me late for work. Which was annoying, because I’d gone to bed really early and had no real biological need to sleep late for once.

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