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The really big problem with a shared kitchen is the vermin issue. No matter how careful I am to clean everything up, I can’t enforce that on everyone else. So I can’t starve out the ants.


As I may have mentioned like once or twice, my 21st birthday will be on 6/6/06. When I first realized this, I immediately thought, “My first legal alcohol purchase must be absinthe.”

Then I remembered that absinthe isn’t, itself, legal.

So I’ve been trying to figure something else out.

Yesterday I saw some internet person talking about a wine called “Seven Deadly Zins,” which immediately jumped to the top of my list. When I went to the store today, I looked at the alcohol aisle (everyone in this town buys their dogs from breeders for $450, so it’s a pretty diverse alcohol aisle) but couldn’t find it. The best I could do was some wine called “Bogle,” and bogles aren’t technically infernal. I’m not sure they’re even unseelie.

Someone shoot me if I ever buy a dog from a breeder for $450, by the way, I think I’m probably headed that way.

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