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Cannon! Scaffolding! Bar? Asymptote? Cannon! Scaffolding!

Cannon! Scaffolding! Bar? Asymptote? Cannon! Scaffolding! published on

Things are being changed in Kingdom of Loathing and people are VERY VERY CONCERNED.

  • “They’re moving the cannon right next to Hangks to blow it up!! Hurry and get outta HC/ronnin before all you’re meat and or belongings are destroyed!”
  • “it wont be moved
    it shall disapear forever”
  • “WTF”
  • “The scaffolding in the Right Side of the Tracks is a NEW BUILDING!!!! Look closely and you can its doors.”
  • “The image name of the scaffolding is ohnoes1zomg.gif

    What’s that supposed to mean?!?!”

Some of them are ANGRY, even.

  • “woah this sucks. >_> I bet tomorow we’ll get 1/64 of a cannon. >:(“
  • “i swear. if its not gone tommorow… i mean its 1/32d of a cannon. you can just pick it up, put it in your pocket, and walk away with nobody noticing. just destroy it. it had it coming. its no use anymore. destroy it.”

Yet others, wiser, cut to the heart of the matter:

  • “I hope it’s moving and for a new place to adventure for a limited time so that the items you get become rare”

I’m feeling kind of regretful that I let my two alternate accounts get deleted – I got bored and looked up KoL on eBay last night, and I could’ve gotten like fifteen bucks for my rare items. It just seems wasteful.

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