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And now I want tuna roll.

And now I want tuna roll. published on

Yesterday night I dreamed that I was in a dystopian cyberpunk city, trying to decide what to have for lunch. I have very specific priorities. I was happy to find a place that had sushi, but got annoyed when I saw tuna roll and salmon roll were ten bucks, and California roll was eight.

I was trying to figure out what the cheapest thing that still had actual fish in it was (fish is one of my very specific priorities), and saw they had something called “sketchy fish” for six dollars. A sketchy fish was lying on the chopping board, and it was kind of squashed-looking and seemed to be made partly out of blue plastic. I decided that this must be the origin of the word “sketchy” meaning “ill-reputable” or “untrustworthy,” and was very pleased with my etymological insight.

So I had a dream about sushi and etymology. I am a gigantic tool.

(I didn’t eat the sketchy fish; I got distracted by a robot and had to run and hide or something.)

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