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Ideally, his name should be ‘Vito’ and he should say ‘youse.’

Ideally, his name should be ‘Vito’ and he should say ‘youse.’ published on

Public Service Announcement

Never, ever, ever attempt to uninstall Norton. It will mess you up. Hire a man to take care of it for you.

I’m trying to make it sound like hitmen are a logical response to Norton software, but I’m slightly too irritated to make that totally obvious. I apologize for this.

System Restore is a blank box and fucking *Windows Help is broken*. And it gave me a weird error message telling me I should uninstall McAfee, and then broke all the McAfee icons. This seems like kind of a dishonest business practice, what’s going on here.

I can still open most programs, but some of them are acting weird – one of the textboxes on the LiveJournal site has changed sizes, for instance, and in IE the buttons have disappeared. Since I can still get into Wordpad and Adobe, fixing this is going to have to wait until after essay-mageddon.

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