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This is important.

This is important. published on

When did people stop calling them Moogles and start calling them Mogs? Mog is the name of a character who is of the Moogle species. That’s how this works, people, get it right. You wouldn’t go calling a Wookie a Chewbacca, would you? Where’d this problem even come from? I know the stupid “Adventures in Mog Nutrition” thing in FFVII did it, but that game’s dialogue was just 100% Pure Typo to begin with, and I don’t think they even capitalized “Mog” consistently throughout that whole sequence anyway. People just should *not* have taken it seriously.

And anyway, there’s also a Mog summons, and aside from Knights of the Round, all the other summonses refer to a single entity – as indicated by Cloud’s apparent use of “Bahamut” as a name in the sequence where you get Bahamut ZERO. Therefore, Mog = a dude. Mog != a race of squinty winged teddy-bear creatures.

I mean *geez*, internet, get your act together.

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