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World’s. Worst. Cover Art. Since At Least Thursday.

World’s. Worst. Cover Art. Since At Least Thursday. published on


Posing jauntily up a member of the Polyphonic Spree’s robe. *That Saint.*

The book has one of the world’s most intensely awkward first paragraphs:

“The big car had been sliding through the night like a great black slug with wide, flaming eyes that seared the road and carved a blazing tunnel of light through the darkness under the overarching trees; and then they eyes were suddenly blinded, and the smooth pace of the slug grew slower and slower until it groped itself to a shadowy standstill under the hedge.”

You know, one of those kinds of slugs. The ones with the big burny-eyes, that make tunnels. They are common in Florida.

I like how first the slug is “sliding,” but then it has a “smooth pace,” and then he kind of belatedly remembers what it was he was making this silly metaphor about to begin with, and has it “grope itself to a stop” in a more authentically sluglike fashion. Extended metaphors, what’re you gonna do. Mutter. Metaphors…

I guess this is just what happens when you have to crank books out really fast.

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