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I misuse furigana constantly.

I misuse furigana constantly. published on

The furigana was not accurate; it just said 'fuck alla y'alls' over and over and over

I was erasing a lot of the furigana I wrote on my Japanese homework yesterday, so as to force myself to actually memorize stuff, and I realized I’d written down the hiragana for *the number four*. This irritated me seriously, to the point that I considered writing a rude note to myself there.

At that point it occurred to me that if you were a Japanese asshole, you could put furigana on really easy kanji that just insulted people for not knowing them.

Incidentally, the furigana does not *actually* say “fuck alla y’alls” – it says “screw alla y’alls.” This is because I changed my mind halfway through, and Paint Shop Pro *for some reason won’t let me insert Japanese text* christ what the hell, so I had to take screenshots of Wordpad and then do all this retouching to make the text look right against the darker background and screw fuck it I wasn’t going through that *twice*.

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