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Obligatory current affairs reference

Obligatory current affairs reference published on

Now that I actually think about it, I do feel safer knowing that Cheney can’t handle a gun.

I am, after all, not his friend.

Off to request vampire porn, the Little Red Book, and that thing with the farting dog from inter-library loan.

I got ten DSH samples, the one I’ve got on now, “Silk Road,” is the ninth I’ve tried, and it’s the first one I’ve really liked just on its own. Bois du Chocolat works *really* well layered with BPAL’s Black Pearl, as I have previously indicated, but by itself it’s just incredibly harsh. Straight Bois du Chocolat’s tagline could be “Doing lines of cocoa powder as if you believed it was cocaine apparently, and it *hurts* – The Experience.” That would make a poor tagline, I think you will agree.

Anyway. Silk Road. Not shockingly, it’s mainly a tea scent, but it’s got lemon, bergamot, rose, and beeswax in it (I looked at the ingredients list – I think you can tell the bergamot pretty easily without it, though), so it’s a sweet one – it doesn’t just smell like Earl Grey, which I was kind of expecting and would have been okay with. And it isn’t all dry, either. I feel like with some of the other samples I didn’t like that the woman had one particular ingredient in each that she was really into, and she overdid that one so things came out kind of unbalanced, but this seems pretty well-balanced to me – the tea is kind of muting the other stuff now that it’s drying out, but not overpowering it.

In summary, Smells Pretty.

I’ll talk about the others behind a cut, because I know you’re all just fucking philistines anyway. (Should I capitalize “philistine?” I’m not going to. I’m not totally sure what ethnic group we’re even talking about there.)

( Musk is for ICKY BOYS. )

Aran – I wore this yesterday. I really don’t like musk, apparently. Or, I like it on its own, but people sometimes to try and blend it with light, sweet stuff – either to, I don’t know, to try and fix the light stuff so it hangs around longer, or because they’re too wussy for *real* musk. Sometimes I’m okay with that sort of thing for fifteen minutes or so, but after that the combination for some reason starts to physically nauseate me. And some types just don’t wash off – I scrubbed my arms twice, and the smell was still perceptibly there when I went to bed.

I don’t think there’s even that much musk *in* this one, either, but for me it really throws the whole thing off in a very icky way. I know there’s some sort of fairly popular men’s scent that pulls this same thing – I have one vivid recollection of having to back away from a guy who was in line in front of me because of his cologne, and I’ve run into it before, so I’d probably recognize the culprit if I smelled it – so apparently other people are okay with it, but it literally turns my stomach. I suspect part of the problem might be that I’m just more sensitive to musk in particular than other people, because sometimes I’ll have put some in my lamp ring and people will come into my room and just not notice it unless they’re right next to it, while to me it’s very obvious.

I have not yet talked about anything but the musk. Um. I guess the smell is kind of a dry, mossy, piney one if you can discount the musk – there’s some florals and lavender in there that sweeten it, and the combination would actually be really nice if it weren’t for the presence a certain imitation animal secretion that shall remain nameless. Not my thing, but it might not be so gross that way.

Un Robe de Zibeline – Like WHOA that is a lot of civet. Or I’m assuming that’s the civet, since I’ve never smelled the stuff before, but yeah. Smells like an animal.

I didn’t dislike it, but the stuff I’m assuming is the civet really drowns everything else out – it’s one of those where I think she miscalculated and put in more than was necessary of her Vitally Important Ingredient. I think I can see how it would work in smaller amounts; I’ll probably try layering this with something eventually.

Celestial Smoke – This is just smoky. Dry and burnt and pretty harsh – I can’t even call it incense-like, it’s not spicy enough for that. Another thing that needs layering, I think.

I completely do not mind the musk in this one.

Winter White – It was the whole sweet stuff plus musk crisis again. This was one the first ones I tried, a couple weeks ago, so it’s mostly the nauseous, headache-coming-on feeling that I remember, but I think I remember deciding the fruity note didn’t belong there at all. (It’s raspberry, the website says, though I know that’s not what I thought it smelled like.)

Special Formula X – This is the one that’s supposed to test your skin type, yeah. It has the same musk problem again – the ingredients are apparently a secret, but I got a lot of the same vibe from it as from Winter White. I don’t think it was quite as bad as Winter White or Aran, but yeah. Don’t like it.

Firefly – Another of the first ones I tried, so I’m not remembering it too well (I’m refusing to wash off the Silk Road while I write these, see), but I know that I *really* didn’t think the apple-like note fit with the other stuff. It was too fruity and the rest of the scent was, if I’m remembering right, really dry and woody. Applewood is definitely the overused Vitally Important Ingredient, here. I think if you softened this with something sweeter, it would be better. I’m writing a lot of these off as “need layering.” I must be some kinduva *optimist*.

Echo – I remember I kinda liked it but wasn’t *thrilled* about it, but I wasn’t really awake and sensible that day. I’ll try it again sometime.

Au Lait – Not even trying it because it’s got Special Formula X in it.

BPAL also has something called “Silk Road,” which sounds like it actually hasn’t got tea in it – I may have to get an imp, just because.

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