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Chikai ja nai.

Chikai ja nai. published on

This is not, in fact, how one writes the kanji for “chikai”:

crude drawing of a hat and a pie

My bad.

…so I kind of… yeah…

So I kind of *completely forgot there was a quiz today*, okay?

I don’t recall this working out too well in high school history, either, so I’m not sure why I felt I had to go and *reprise* the whole *debacle*. I guess it just sort of *occurred* to me that, like, *maybe* drawing a hat and a pie – in lieu of, you know, something distantly resembling a serious answer – might be in some way *more acceptable* in a college Japanese class than in high school American history. Can you even tell that that’s a pie? I think it looks like a burger. I should have at least drawn a *better* pie, if I’m going to be drawing pies on my work at all. I mean, Christ.

There was also an Asian Civ test today. (which is why I forgot about the quiz and ended up drawing @$%#%-ING PIES on it…) While studying this morning, I came across the below passage in my notes – poor chronology and random capitalization and punctuation left intact for your consideration:

* Yu – supposedly first Emperor of Xia

* Daoists = agrarian people who don’t like statehood; laws; their son being drafted; taxes; represent neolithic revolution.

* Maybe Nyx wouldn’t suck so bad if I layered it with Black Pearl. Does Nyx have Rathrani? Something has rathrani…

* First “China” is Xia around 2000 BC.

The type of student that I am is what is known in the clinical terms as a “terrible, terrible student.”

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