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((16.25-11)*60)/5.5 published on

I just did some math. The fratlings have had their speakers on since eleven – or, that’s when I came back up from the store, anyway, and they were already there then. I’ll say eleven to be conservative. So, about five-point-two-five hours. Given that “Hell’s Bells” is about five and a half minutes long, I have heard it 57 times today. And since it worked through again while I was doing the math and typing this up, let’s say 58.

And they turned up the volume half an hour or so ago, and they’re *still* over there going “yeah!” and doing “Indian war-cries.” I think they’re fucking robots. Or rather, non-fucking robots. *No one will be laid* as a result of this performance, fratlings. Of this I can *assure* you.


I hate everything.

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