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His magical fire breath

His magical fire breath published on

Important Anime Club Report Stop Whatever You Are Doing

I guess I wasn’t the proper type of nerd the first time I saw Read or Die, because it meant nothing to me then that *Sanzo* was in it. Like, using Goku’s nyoibo. And flying around on Goku’s little cloud from the Real Actual Source Material. And parting the sea, which I don’t *think* either of them ever does. And *breathing fire*.

So I sat there imagining Saiyuki-no-Sanzo parting the sea and leading the Jews off and all, and then ruining the whole thing by making an anti-Semitic comment and lighting up, with his fire breath.

We also finished Gankutsuou tonight. Certain things happened to directly contrast with my previous post. Here is a spoiler tag: I mean, they didn’t happen quite *enough* – it wasn’t on the *lips* – but there it was. *Text.* I still have no idea whether there’s any precedent for this in the Real Actual Source Material; I should probably try and get past the first chapter in that at some point.

I *might* have to paint the sleeves of my black coat all like the Count’s.

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