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Random Quotes Yay

Random Quotes Yay published on

“I love the coloration, I think it embodies a lot of the themes of the series. It has a lot of connotations.”

– another bad presentation

“Is it possible? No, it is not possible. But is it possible? Yes, it is possible… if you are the living dead.”

– Mr. Smuckles. For internet purposes I think I’m going to call him Mr. Smuckles just for no reason. Thank you for the helpful Mr-Smuckles-quotes email, um, your name is Dr. Andretti now.

(I don’t even remember what the subject at hand was when he started on the zombies like that.)

“I cannot draw fabric. Therefore I will disembowel myself with this BiC mechanical pencil.”

– me, apparently – it’s my handwriting, and it looks like my bad art. I probably didn’t go through with it.

“No one knows for sure how the unicorn was born, but some say the k’i-lin sprang from the center of the earth. It always reaches its destination and, unlike ourselves, never falls into a pit.”

– a book about unicorns that lives on the fifth floor of the library right near the chair I like to sit in. I, myself, fall into a pit just *all the time*. I wish I was a unicorn; then it wouldn’t be such a problem.

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