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I am incompetent as a female Japanophilic internet user.

I am incompetent as a female Japanophilic internet user. published on

I created a tag called “hate” for that last post, as I consider it likely that I will eventually make *others* properly described by the word.

Man, I ain’t *never* gonna break the chains of samsara and attain Buddha-hood at *this* rate.

The reason that I am incompetent is that I said “seme” in the last post, but it should have been “uke.” If I don’t do something to stop this slide, man, soon I just know I’m gonna fuck up something important – I mean, I feel like if I’m not careful I’m gonna be talking about Angel Sanctuary but actually mean X or something, and someone’s just gonna end up *dead*, you know? I still have these bad flashbacks to the time that girl confused A. J. Hall and Cassie Claire, and that kid ended up with burns all over his face, you know? That could’ve been me. I don’t know if I have the nerve for fandom anymore, I mean, I just *don’t know*.

Someone write me a paper about Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio and the Chinese fantastic tradition real quick.

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