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The Internet, the Magician, and the Goon

The Internet, the Magician, and the Goon published on

Her boyfriend had schizophrenia and had some sort of evil, twisted personality that would come out often — she could tell when this happened because he changed his font color.

-someone on GAFF

“And so,” said the Magician, “Begins the requiem for Prime Minister Haz. Such an *inspiring* sound.”

She paused, and added gently, “You’re supposed to say, “I don’t hear nothin’.””

The Goon said, “Don’t start with me today.” She looked carefully in both mirrors and over her shoulder as she switched lanes – hoping to provide a salutary example for her colleague, maybe, Jessica thought. The cars moving past seemed unusually loud and fast, and Jessica’s head hurt.

The Magician, stretching out in the back seat, looked smug and comfortable – she had probably had a bad day once or twice in her life, but preferred not to let it get around. “Oh, come now, humor me. Do you not know what a requiem is, is that it? Do you think it has to do with goths?”

“I said don’t.”

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