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I have actually seen Advent Children this time.

I have actually seen Advent Children this time. published on


Okay, anyone know what the fuck happened?



…Okay, I guess they had to bring Sephiroth back. But, but – shouldn’t he have had, like, EVIL DEEDS to do or something? Who, upon being resurrected after being dead for two years, hangs around and taunts Cloud? Why would you *do* that? There are certainly situations in which taunting Cloud is appropriate, nay, *required* – but immediately after miraculously coming back to life?! No!

I need a good dose of Kefka to clean out my system. Hey, remember how in FFVI, the villain, like, MADE FUN of the good guys when went got all inspirational-speaker? Sephiroth read the self-help books just like everyone else. (And why the hell is fucking *Vincent* the one to give Cloud the first big inspirational speech, how does that even work.)


Reeve, man, do you have some body image issues you’d like to talk about?

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